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Ibiza changed my life true stories

Ibiza changed my life | 5 true stories of love & inspiration

Most people who visit the White Isle go home with at least one or two amazing Ibiza stories. Whether they be about epic clubbing nights, perfect beach days, exploring the beautiful Ibiza countryside, lazing on a boat or sampling traditional Ibiza cuisine, this little island is a treasure-trove of interesting tales to tell. But for…

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things to do in Ibiza

Things to do in Ibiza | your top 10 summer 2017

A common question for first-time visitors to Ibiza is recommendations of things to do in Ibiza summer 2017 that would make their holiday totally unforgettable. Aside from enjoying al-fresco dining and lounging around the pool in your fab Ibiza villa of course. You know you can even get a pop-up bartender in your villa too,…

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Babylon beach ibiza

Babylon Beach Ibiza | restaurant guide 2017 by Dj Tim Sheridan

Santa Eulalia is one of the few parts of the island I don’t know well. Something I hoped to rectify visiting Babylon Beach Ibiza. I popped next door to drag along my mate. A French Canadian who knows a thing or two about food, and was interested to check out his neighbour. Character & charm…

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