Ibiza Town


Ibiza Town is the island’s capital and somewhat confusingly for first time visitors, it is referred to across the island’s signposts by its Catalan spelling Eivissa. The myriad of streets in the town sprung up around the impressive hilltop battlement of D’alt Vila, which is the original walled town and cathedral that was built in the thirteenth century, and is today the proud bearer of the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ibiza Town is a fabulous melting pot of styles and flavours, with modern architecture and chic bars and restaurants and glossy designer shops sitting alongside traditional Spanish cafes and authentic little treasure troves selling island produce and typical artisan products such as the traditional Ibizan baskets known as ‘cestas’.

Over the past decade, as Ibiza’s popularity has grown exponentially across the world, the range of shops, bars and restaurants of our capital city have grown too and reflect the incredible diversity of the island’s visitors and year round international residents. Some people are unhappy with the changing times and how cosmopolitan Ibiza Town has now become, but there is still plenty of ‘old Ibiza’ to find in its maze of streets, its shady tree-lined squares and narrow  alleyways leading to quiet little hidden corners of the city that seem to take you back in time.

The best way to explore Ibiza Town is on foot – but you’ll need comfortable shoes, especially if you’re planning on taking a walk up the ancient cobbled streets of D’alt Vila to see the fantastic views from the battlements at the top. It’s well worth a visit and as you meander up the narrow streets and steep stairways between the buildings you will come across countless hidden gems of bars, cafes and shops to sustain you through your journey. There is no particular central shopping area in the town; you really need to follow your nose and investigate the narrow streets of the port area, the tree-lined avenues around the main square of the Vara del Rey where you will stumble upon unique clothing stores, beautiful home wear shops, health food shops, ice cream parlours and grocers as well as, of course, the omnipresent bars, cafes and restaurants serving local dishes of Ibiza and every imaginable cuisine from across the globe.

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