Please Note! For legal reasons the maximum occupancy of a villa in Ibiza is 12 people, if you are searching for a villa for more than 12 people, please contact us. We have many villas next door to each other plus our apartment hotel which can sleep up to 65 guests.

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Ibiza Villas 2000 - Discover San Antonio

Discover San Antonio, Ibiza

Look no further! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best places to watch the stunning sunset in Ibiza. From isolated beaches to breathtaking viewpoints, we’ve got it all covered.

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Ibiza Villas 2000 - Ibiza In Spring - 10 Reasons To Love it

Ibiza in spring | 10 reasons to love it!

Are you planning to visit Ibiza? Spring is the perfect time to visit this Balearic Island paradise. With milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and a relaxed atmosphere, spring is an excellent time to explore Ibiza.

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Ibiza Villas 2000 - Christmas In Ibiza - A Magical Time That's A Well-Kept Secret

Christmas in Ibiza: a magical time that’s a well kept secret…

Holiday Season & Christmas in Ibiza Christmas in Ibiza is an unforgettable experience. The island truly comes alive during the festive season, providing an atmosphere that is different from the more traditional celebrations of northern Europe. Instead of a white Christmas, the warmth of the Mediterranean and the all-year-round sunshine mean you can step out…

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Ibiza Villas 2000 - Winter in Ibiza - Everything you need to know about Ibiza out of season!

Things to do in the winter season in Ibiza: Part 1

Things to do in the winter in Ibiza: Part 1 Although Ibiza is mostly recognized as a summer destination, it may come as a surprise that winter in Ibiza does exist, and it can even get a little chilly at times. Winter in Ibiza is a perfect time to enjoy the fabulous weather, the nature…

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New Years Eve in Ibiza 2022/2023 - Ibiza Events - Ibiza Villas 2000

What to do for the New Year Event in Ibiza 2022/2023

New Year Event in Ibiza 2022/2023 With this New Year Event in Ibiza celebrations just around the corner, it looks like Ibiza is heading out of 2022 as only the White Isle can. With many of the big island names throwing their hats into the NYE party hat this year, check out our guide to…

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