Please Note! For legal reasons the maximum occupancy of a villa in Ibiza is 12 people, if you are searching for a villa for more than 12 people, please contact us. We have many villas next door to each other plus our apartment hotel which can sleep up to 65 guests.

Drinks Packs

Ibiza Villas 2000 - Drinks Packs Delivery

Drinks Packs Service

Why not have your Drinks Packs Delivery directly to your villa before you arrive or even during your stay?

Aperitifs or digestives, and drinks are always welcome during your stay or on a special occasion. Would you like a good wine to feel more relaxed or a stronger alcohol for special occasions? Take advantage of The Ibiza Drinks Delivery Service provided by Ibiza Villas 2000.

Simply message your rep whilst you are in Ibiza or email before you arrive. We can deliver packs of beers, spirits or a selection of  wines at very reasonable prices.

Drinks Packs Delivery: Another great service from

Please speak with your rep on arrival or enquire using the email address listed below.


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