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Balance My Holiday


Ibiza Villas 2000 has partnered with BALANCE ECO Ltd. to enable our customers’ holiday to positively benefit the environment for (at least) 99 years.

At Ibiza Villas 2000 we want to lead the way in positive environmental action by going further than the traditional ‘carbon neutral’ concept.

BALANCE® MY HOLIDAY is a new approach to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change.
BALANCE® MY HOLIDAY is an environmental initiative that ensures Ibiza Villa 2000 customers create carbon-absorbing biodiversity balancing the inevitable emissions created during their stay or any holiday.

How does it work?

BALANCE® calculates the amount of biodiversity needed to balance the emissions produced, based on a typical rental. This includes length of stay, size of villa, number of visitors, likely travel, energy/water and other services used during a holiday. This calculation provides an amount in BALANCE® Units. One BALANCE® Unit is at least the equivalent of one tonne of CO2 removed from the environment.

Balance Eco Ltd’s Planting Partners are then tasked with creating new biodiversity in a carbon-monitored forest with 99 years of protection.
For every one tonne of carbon an extra tree is planted in a location that is not specifically monitored for carbon. This allows flexibility in supporting specific biodiversity goals, for example creating urban to rural wildlife corridors.


Marston Vale: One of Balance Eco Ltd’s carbon-monitored forests in the UK


How much does it cost?

The cost is built into your villa rental but, on average, it equates to approximately €2 per day per villa.

Additionally you will receive a Balance® certificate showing the precise location of your new biodiversity in a carbon-monitored forest with 99 year protection as well as the location of your ‘extra tree(s)’.

And the knowledge that your holiday is making a real difference… One by One, Tonne by Tonne.

Where does the money go?

When a BALANCE® Unit is purchased – the money is converted into real carbon-absorbing biodiversity by their Planting Partners, in a carbon-monitored forest with 99 year protection. This means genuine new biodiversity and carbon reduction rather than being ‘attached’ to planting that might have happened anyway. In addition, for every tonne of carbon taken out of the atmosphere, an extra-tree is planted to create biodiversity in non-carbon forests.

How do I know the trees have been paid for and will be planted?

The BALANCE® methodology is independently verified and totally transparent. Each BALANCE® Unit is visible on a publicly viewable database and the planting and forest management are supervised by the Woodland Carbon Code in the UK, and Gold Standard internationally. Our Planting Partners are contractually obliged to adhere to the high standards of Balance Eco Ltd’s six point Planting Partner Contract.

Can I see where my trees are located? Can I visit the forest?

The BALANCE® certificate features a precise grid reference for your area of biodiversity / forest. We will also inform you where your ‘extra tree’ for each BALANCE® Unit is planted. Balance ECO Ltd encourage customer planting days.
BALANCE® is about real trees, real forests, that result in a real difference.

What if my footprint isn’t enough to purchase a whole BALANCE® Unit?

Ibiza Villas 2000 maintains a ledger with BALANCE Eco Ltd. detailing your contribution and which BALANCE® Unit is purchased with it. BALANCE® Units are purchased in batches quarterly and BALANCE Eco Ltd. enters them onto the public register accordingly with any partial contributions going towards the purchase of a whole unit.

When will I receive my BALANCE® certificate and forest/tree location?

Biannually Ibiza Villas 2000 purchases the quantity of BALANCE® Units to account for the contributions on its ledger. Processing, planting and registration times take on average between 6-9 months. Depending on where in the cycle your contribution is allocated and processed your certificate showing the location of your BALANCE® could arrive as short as 6 or as long as 18 months from the date of your holiday.

I don’t understand, how is BALANCE® different from carbon-offsetting?

The BALANCE® methodology evolves and enhances existing carbon credits, with its unique focus on creating new carbon-absorbing biodiversity. For full information please see

What am I Balancing on my holiday?

Emissions produced by:
• All electricity usage in your villa, including a/c, heating, lighting and appliances.
• Swimming pool equipment, maintenance and water usage.
• Airport transfers to and from the villa.
• Average daily on-island transportation (taxis, rental car, public transport)
• Rubbish removal from the villa
• Any remaining contribution goes towards balancing scope 3 supplier emissions
e.g. the indirect emissions that are generated by suppliers to the villa.



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