Please Note! For legal reasons the maximum occupancy of a villa in Ibiza is 12 people, if you are searching for a villa for more than 12 people, please contact us. We have many villas next door to each other plus our apartment hotel which can sleep up to 65 guests.

Ibiza Villas corona virus update

Ibiza Villas Corona Virus Update: It has been nearly 8 weeks since we published an update. 8 extraordinary weeks that no one could have predicted. We have been very busy during this period trying to help all our clients, many with heart breaking stories.

Firstly, we want to thank all our clients who were meant to arrive in May and June for being so patient and understanding. We are really sorry we could not meet you this year, but I hope you are happy with the solution we have found for you.

Now to the difficult part. What is happening officially? And what is most likely going to happen here in Ibiza from July 1st. From our side we have to follow the official announcements, however we are also hearing unofficial announcements of what is most likely going to happen from Governments, airlines, tour operators, business associations and Town Halls. On the ground we are preparing to open July 1st. As usual all official announcements are last minute.


The Facts as they stand now

  • Uk is slowly coming out of the Corona Virus lock down, there are still advisory travel restrictions to Spain. Additionally, after June 8th when tourists return to the UK from their Ibiza villa holiday, they have to go into 2 weeks Corona Virus quarantine.
  • Spain / Ibiza. is slowly coming out of their Corona Virus lock down. This week restaurant terraces in Ibiza opened but only residents are allowed to enter Ibiza.  The beaches also opened last week. and Ibiza entered into Phase three of its Corona Virus Exit plan. From June 15th The Balearic Islands and Canary Islands will open to International tourists.

The current situation in Ibiza

  • The terraces of bars and restaurants have been successfully opened for a week
  • Last Monday we progressed into phase 3 of the Ibiza Corona Virus Exit Plan. What does this mean? Beaches opened, groups of up to 15 can meet, bars opened inside and outside with 50% capacity.
  • Jockey Club in Salinas opened June 5th
  • The Beach house has announced it will open June 20th
  • Ibiza will open to International tourists on June 15th
  • On June 15th 500 German tourists are arriving so the authorities can test our procedures in place.
  • Life is returning to normal here.
  • Many more announcements will begin filtering through over the next weeks.
  • We are definitely seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, even though Ibiza opens to tourists on June 15th, we will be fully open July 1st. We are certainly preparing to open.
  • Our form of Furlough (ERTE) will end 30th Most businesses will have to take over paying their staff from 1st July.
  • Restaurants, suppliers we work with are all preparing to fully open July 1st. Restaurant terraces are already open.
  • Traffic: The roads are busy, builders are back at work preparing the villas and hotels for opening. The hotels will have many more restrictions than Villas. For instance, the hotel public areas will be closed – but this may well change Villas have no restrictions.
  • We are receiving emails from the Government and the small business association of Ibiza, indicating we will be opening July 1st.
  • As a business we are beginning to work on the villas and prepare them for opening.
  • For music lovers. The Disco Association and Hospitality Associations are making plans to open fully July 1st . Terraces in restaurants are already open. Nothing is confirmed but this is the worst kept secret in Ibiza. The idea is to take Ibiza back 20 years. Relax the restrictions on the beach clubs and allow the music to be a little bit louder plus extend the opening hours. The parties will be smaller but very special.
  • Some of the clubs are planning to open on certain nights, with smaller crowds and more intimate parties. Laws, rules and news change every day, so we will keep you updated. Amnesia and DC10 have indicated they may open. Again, nothing is official but its highly likely this will happen. As we approach July, I imagine more clubs will make announcements.
  • Ryan Air, British Airways and Easy Jet will be flying to Ibiza from June 15th. This will enable seasonal workers to return to the island for a July 1st Ryan Air have been advertising fares from £20!
  • We are hearing that the Uk and Europe will stop its quarantine June 30th.and create air bridges to selected countries. The Balearics should be one of these bridges as Ibiza is Corona Virus free as of last week. All governments have no choice as they have to support their airlines. However, any announcement will not be made until middle of June.

Our advice:

 For those of you booked after June 25 sit tight until everything above is made official. Ibiza will open, and we know the island will be amazing this summer. Ibiza Villas 2000 will carry on as normal.

For the lucky few who decide to come to Ibiza this summer, you will experience a completely different island. This year will never happen again, clients will witness Ibiza in its purest most natural state. The roads will be quiet, the restaurants will not be full to the brim, the sea is crystal clear, the beaches will be chilled., and there will be plenty of small parties in the beach bars. Best of all – Prices will be lower. You can enjoy a cheap Ibiza villa holiday !!!! We are all completely taken back how beautiful and tranquil Ibiza is at the moment. You need to see it, to believe it. We will be posting current photos on our facebook page.

Ibiza 2020 will be full of amazing bargains. Cheap holidays are plentiful. If you are searching for a cheap Ibiza Villa there are plenty of last minute bargains for any available villas. There are all types of Ibiza Villas to rent, from 3 bedroom villas to large 9 bedroom villas. Our villas are all well located, close to the beaches, easy access to all the town centres and great public transport links. One thing for sure, 2020 is the perfect year to enjoy an Ibiza Villa Holiday.

If you are looking to rent a villa in Ibiza, please contact us and we will send you a list of the all the available villas we have available.

Update of the current Corona Virus situation in Ibiza

Ibiza was not badly affected by Covid 19. We had a few cases but nothing serious. The island is now Covid free and life is getting back to normal. The weather is hot, the beaches are empty, and the island is stunning.

Are Villas Safe in Ibiza?

 Villas in Ibiza are totally safe. The Ibiza Villa Association have created SAFE AND CLEAN. They have written a cleaning protocol which will ensure all participating companies clean to a strict protocol. Villas will be disinfected and cleaned before every change over. In 2020 we are insuring all our Ibiza villas have a good gap between change-overs to give our cleaning teams  plenty of time to clean the villa thoroughly. When you arrive at your Ibiza villa, our check in protocol will follow strict social distancing rules. We will make sure every villa rental will make sure clients feel comfortable and safe.

An Ibiza Villa holiday is the right decision in this climate, they are private, you do not have to mix with people you do not know allowing you to enjoy a relaxing comfortable villa holiday on our beautiful island.

Ibiza Villas 2000 can promise, Ibiza will be very special this summer, you have got to see it to believe it.




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