Please Note! For legal reasons the maximum occupancy of a villa in Ibiza is 12 people, if you are searching for a villa for more than 12 people, please contact us. We have many villas next door to each other plus our apartment hotel which can sleep up to 65 guests.

Ibiza Villas 2000 team – A Solid 20-year history on the island.

Ibiza Villas 2000 - Ibiza Villas 2000 Team

Ibiza villas 2000 Team

We are all very proud to be part of the Ibiza Villas 2000 team, a local, trusted family business with a solid 20-year history on the island. As permanent, all-year-round Ibiza residents, we have over fifty years of experience of living and working in Ibiza between us. Yes, ladies and gents, we really know our island well. Go ahead, ask us anything!

Local staff

All long-term ‘locals’ with great contacts and connections across the island, our team are genuine local experts. Whatever you want to know about, from beaches to nightlife, dining options or local transport, we’ve got all the local information you could wish for. Just check out our Ibiza blog stuffed full of local news & features for a small taste.

Passion for customer service

We’re from backgrounds ranging from corporate finance to teaching and everything in between. What we all have in common is a deep love for Ibiza & a near obsession for delivering the very best in customer service. We welcome more than 10,000 guests to the island each year, who come back to stay in our great value Ibiza villas time and time again. With the help of our loyal seasonal staff who join us every summer, together, we’re passionate about making your Ibiza villa holiday the very best that it can be.

Ibiza Villas 2000 Team Member

Name: Debbie Simmons

Position: Bookings Manager

What I do at Ibiza Villas 2000: I am your Ibiza Mum!! I’m here to answer all your queries and questions and look after you throughout the booking process and beyond.

Happiest when: Watching the amazing sunsets in Ibiza with a glass of wine in my hand.

Favourite food: It has got to be lobster.

Best thing about living in Ibiza: Amazing diversity of people and of course the incredible beaches.

My background: Twenty-five years in Sales with some of the largest villa companies in Europe.

Ibiza Villas 2000 Team Member

Name: Luke Peppe

Position: Owner and CEO

What I do at Ibiza Villas 2000: I am the man for all seasons! You name it, I do it!

Happiest when: We have happy clients.

Favourite food: Anything hot and spicy.

Best thing about living in Ibiza: The interesting people, the fantastic weather and the laid-back, fun-loving lifestyle.

My background: Twenty-five years creating and growing companies as diverse as an events company, a sports travel company, a transfer business, a carbon trading company in Turkey, a ski and snowboarding business in the Alps, an Airstream trailer business in Croatia, and – my favourite of them all – the wonderful Ibizavillas2000!

Ibiza Villas 2000 Team Member

Name: Jacqueline (JACS) Wix

Position: Operations Manager

What I do at Ibiza Villas 2000: It’s my job to make sure we have a slick, smooth operation in place for our guests to get THE absolute best out of the holiday villa they have chosen, as well as maintaining a great relationship with our villa owners. Happy guests & happy owners make a very happy Jacs!

Happiest when: listening to music, organising stuff 😉  and socialising with family and friends.

Favourite food: Fish, tapas and of course, can’t do without the odd German dish.

Best thing about living in Ibiza: The natural beauty, the vibe, the people, the lifestyle, the sunsets, the sunrises, …… how long have you got?

My Background: I have always been the “organiser” at work and at home, working in operations and customer service, spanning over 30 years in the corporate finance arena in the city of London, I then decided to “hang up” my city boots & transfer my skills into the tourism industry so I could work and live here in Ibiza.

Ibiza Villas 2000 Team Member

Name: Nikki Porteus

Position: Sales Executive

What I do at Ibiza Villas 2000: Sales at Ibiza Villas 2000 HQ and Chief mint tea drinker!

Happiest When: Sunset swims at Benirras.

Favourite Food: Thai food, but most definitely ‘sin cilantro!’

Best thing about living in Ibiza: The contrasts you can find in everyday life; one minute hard at work, then the next minute on the dancefloor at DC10!

My Background: I have worked in the hospitality industry for many years, finally settling in Ibiza eight years ago.

Ibiza Villas 2000 Team Member

Name: Jane Charilaou

Position: Marketing Consultant

What I do at Ibiza Villas 2000: I work very closely with the Ibiza Villas 2000 team to make sure we have a strong online presence. I look after our website, run the company blog, newsletters, social media channels and deal with all press, publicity and PR.

Happiest when: receiving a foot massage, on a nice beach, with a chilled margarita close at hand.

Favourite food: Pies. Of any kind. Served with mash and gravy…mmm!

Best thing about living in Ibiza: The wild beauty, the crazy contrasts, the colourful characters, the vibrancy, the music, the mountains. Above all, the open-mindedness.

My Background: It’s been varied! But I’ve always been involved in marketing, PR and publishing. A writer & editor for many years, I continue to run several Ibiza-based blogs. I’ve been based happily on our beautiful island for 14 years.

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