Ibiza holidays found to cause 2nd most relationship break-ups in the world

Ibiza holidays and break ups

Here at Ibiza villas 2000 HQ, we love a bit of scandal. So when we heard that Ibiza holidays were found to cause the 2nd most relationship breakups in the world, there was some hearty laughter and guffawing in the office. We all agreed with much nodding and winking that we see a lot more lovin’ than fightin’ on our travels around the island and that’s a fact!!

Ibiza holidays & break-ups

Turns out that a pretty respectable survey by British travel company Sunshine honestly found that 17% of couples holidaying together in Ibiza, really did break up afterwards. #EEK!

The survey asked 2000 tourists what had happened to their relationships after going on holiday to various locations together. Here’s what emerged.

Global break-up locations

Holidays to Mexico, land of passionate latino beauties and Tequila, caused the most break-ups with a whopping 21% of all respondents breaking up with their partner after having visited there. Ibiza holidays, land of the world’s most amazing parties came in second, with 17% of respondents reporting relationship breakdown after visiting the White Isle. Portugal, land of…Ruby Port… trailed behind in third place, with only 12% of couples abandoning each other after their holiday together.

Reflecting upon these results, the report by Sunshine notes that during Ibiza holidays, “nobody wants to have worries and is very much given to frivolity.”

Ha! Gotta love that kind of understatement…

Most popular arguments

Most couples who broke up took their Ibiza holidays together during the first 5 months of their relationship. 73% had their first serious argument whilst on holiday on the island. Apparently, the main causes of arguments related to arriving late at the airport, disagreements about how to spend communal holiday time and accusations of ‘flirting’ with attractive ‘others’.


Couple-friendly locations

Before all of you couples hunker down and prepare to spend the rest of your lives going no further than Skegness for your hols, fear not! It’s not all bad news for couples on holiday. If you prefer a relationship-nourishing holiday destination, then the study revealed that the best places to go to reinforce and strengthen a relationship are Italy, Tenerife, Cyprus and Majorca. They don’t mention how high these (no doubt lovely) places rate for, er, outrageous levels of fun or general world-class magnificence, though… 😉

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